2015 Open Enrollment

Open enrollment for 2015 begins November 15, 2014, and ends February 15, 2015. If you want coverage to start for January 1, 2015, a completed application must be submitted prior to December 15, 2014. Please give Bill or a member of his team a call at 1-877-NOW-BILL for more information.

Do I need to call the Federal Marketplace in order to get coverage?

Calling the marketplace directly can result in a long wait to speak to someone, delay in coverage starting, confusion, or not getting the best plan for your needs and budget. Bill and his team of trained agents have completed extensive training to be able to help individuals and businesses get coverage both through the Federal Marketplace or directly from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana. Call 1-877-NOW-BILL to get the best coverage and information out there.

Does insurance cost more when using an agent?

Getting the assistance and advice from a training insurance professional does not increase the cost of your insurance at all. As a matter of fact, using an agent will enable you to get the best plan to fit your needs and budget at NO ADDITIONAL COST!



If you have already applied for a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana policy and need help, please view the information below for answers.


I filled out an application online and have not heard if I was accepted.

Sometimes filling out an application using an online company results in questions being raised with no one to call for help. Please fill out the contact form and I will call you as soon as possible after I receive your request. Be sure to have your application number available.


I applied for a policy from another agent and received correspondence from Blue Cross.

Blue Cross sometimes sends out correspondence that asks for different things during the application process. First try to contact the agent that sold you the policy. If you do not know who that is or have tried several times with no success, fill out my contact form and I will call you as soon as possible after I receive your request. Be sure to have the correspondence readily available.